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    Bellar - Power Supply, Cartridges, Techniques & More.

    • 1. Welcome to the class.

    • 2. Taking your Bellar out of the box.

    • Your Bellar Manual

    • Wrapping your machine.

    • Power Supply and continuous feed.

    • Dual adapter.

    • How cartridges are labeled.

    • Tattoo needle diameters.

    • Needle configurations.

    • Needle tapers and points.

    • Regular cartridges vs acupuncture cartridges.

    • Liners vs. shaders.

    • Cartridges - Full membrane vs partial membrane.

    • The cam & stroke wheel - cam strength and what the numbers mean.

    • Critical power supply presets and voltages.

    • The cam - what cams are used for different techniques

    • Homework - voltage setting to work with basic techniques.

    • Cords - always have an extra for any machine

    • Adjusting your needle length.

    • The design of 4 flats and 5 slope cartridges.

    • Demonstration of how to use the 4 flat.

    • Wrapping things up - You must practice.

    • Hand speed and voltage.

    • 4. Valhalla- cleaning your machine.

    • The end of the class.

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I love your courses so far!

Ela Lasko

I just wanted to say I love your course so far, it's been really helpful, just what I needed. I feel so much more confident right now. And that I love CoCo :)